Basic Cygwin install with curl (or any fequently used basic linux command)



Cygwin is a tool-set which give you an ability to use linux commands on windows. It is important, that Cyqwin is not an operating-system! It is like an installed interpreter for windows to understand linux commands.

Another important thing that from windows 10 you can also use the built-in linux. Both way have advantages / disadvantages, so what you will use is your choose, I can’t help on it because I never used built-in linux as I use older windows also in mixed mode & Cyqwin is available on all on it.


Install Cygwin with curl:

  1. Download & install it from official page (Yes, you can install packages meantime installation also. But this article’s target is to install linux commands/apps after installation). Hint: Download to simply path like “c:\cygwin_install”
  2. Navigate to the target folder where you store setup file with windows-cmd (command prompt). Then start setup file with the following parameters (Before you start it please close cygwin):
    setup-x86.exe -q -P curl
  3. Now you can start cyqwin. You will have “curl” command & you can use it.

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