KeePass – Add new String field & use it with Auto-Type feature


KeePass is a password-management tool with great features. It is simply, and it is just works 🙂 You can configure auto-type feature easily and you can store your credentials in one secure place. Today it is a must have tool as every people have more and more password in everyday usage (online banking; facebook; youtube; twitter; windows; e-mail(s); mobile phone;…). For today it is not acceptable to use the same password. While you have simply login page(s) with Username & Password field, you don’t need to modify anything (in ideal case) on KeePass entry. But what you can do if you have more than two filed which must have to login?


I have a few login-page where I need type more than two field (username; password; Security Key) & I would like to type it automatically (KeePass Auto-Type feature). To solve this task, do the following things:

Open your KeePass entry & click to “Advanced” tab.


Click to “Add” button to add one more field.


Fill it up with your values.


“Enable in-memory protection” is optional. If you leaved it as before, the “Field Value” can be readable (like for example username field):


If you enable it, “Field Value” protected (like password field):


Click to “Auto-Type” tab. Customize it to your need.


Override default sequence & add your created field (for me it is now the Security Key, so add –> “{S:Security Key}”)


With these options now you can use without any problem KeePass’s Auto-Type feature.


As you can see generated keystrokes can be edited. If you familiar with Autoit scripts this will be not new. So if you have non-standard page, where KeePass’s auto-type feature was lost on fields (wrong string to wrong field) just adjust it with add / remove {TAB}. You can test the correct config with your hand.

If you would like to done more by KeePass auto-type, please visit this site.

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