Drivers for cheap intel based (Intel Atom Z3735F) tablet with windows


Nowadays I got more and more cheap “netbook” that owner can’t re-install windows operating system to help them. In a lot of case recovery (from recovery partition) is not possible (not work or it was purged during try of re-installation). To install a fresh windows is not a big deal (who can’t set it to boot from EFI-source and create media for it, don’t start to re-install windows!) but find correct drivers are challenge as window’s update don’t contain the right drivers for these kind of mixed platforms (can be run android on it too).

Type of machine:

Exact type of affected machine: Selecline CW10Q3/873828 netbook.

HW details:

  • Display: 10,1″ 1024×600
  • CPU: Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core 1,8 GHz
  • Platform: Bay Trail-T
  • RAM: 1 or 2 GB
  • STORAGE: 32 GB, MMC, expandable with MicroSD
  • Installed OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery: 4000 mAh

If you have the same platform / CPU you can try the following driver for Windows 10 (tested on x86 {32-bit} platform, x64 untested):

DRIVERS for Bay Trail platform, windows 10

A BIG NEGATIVE for selecline because of support’s level (I not found any related support, drivers, manuals for these notebooks. selecline –> Auchan’s own brand, Base is in France)

Please if you tested / used it comment that on which platform worked for you (HW details and exact model)

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  1. Thanks, worked.
    If Windows 10 won’t install on the tablet with error code 0xc0000017, try an older version, e.g. 1703 (Creators Update).

  2. WHAT A HELP MAN ! ! !

    YOU are a GREAT HELP I have ever found in this WORLD, I thank you though it is not enough for this help, I am unable to DONATE this time i know, but i will stay connected…

    I had been looking for drivers for REACH NETBOOK (COSMOS) RCN02 for ladt 18 days! ! !

    I have mailed the seller several times and havent got any answear till date, as if they do not want to provide me with any driver or they seem do not want to DISCLOSE it !!!

    I have watched some 40 youtube videos that says and garrunties “FIXING NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED”


    This absolutely WORKED for me

    Bay Trail platform :::

    windows 10 32bit OS
    x86 Architecture

    Display: LCD 10,1″ 1024×600
    CPU: Intel Atom Z3735F 1.3 GHz
    Platform: Bay Trail-T
    RAM: 2 GB LPDDR3
    STORAGE: 32 GB MMC, expandable with MicroSD
    WIFI802.11 b/g/n
    2 USB2.0
    Installed OS: Windows 10 Home
    Battery: 5600 mAh

    SORRY i have tested it on x86
    And it worked trully.


  3. Thank you, and indeed Selecline should be ashamed to not offer drivers or support on a site.

    You’re a true hero.

  4. My sound is not working in this same thing I’ve tried everything, any thing you guys can suggest or any particular driver you have?

    1. Hi,
      Please share more details about your device.
      Also please check your BIOS settings (before you edit anything, or load default settings, make notes from previously states!)
      * Also avoid to use load defaults. Mostly after it notebook won’t boot to internal display! You have to change BIOS settings with HDMI attached screen. It is not as comfortable 🙂

  5. I found that Selecline is the brand of a french discount-mall network, Auchan. Nobody can expect from a grocery store to support their devices, however a basic homepage and working links for the drivers is essential.
    Tíhis driver was worked for me (more or less) on another Selecline model, namely the cw10q3 / 876890. I found audio issue, and then “multimedia controller” driver trouble. The audio driver was solved via installing the Atom Z3700 series platform driver, and also the es1386 (or similar, i do not remember the exact type) audio device.. The Multimedia controller, however was resolved via a chipset driver, and it works well via a “2nd gen. Core Memory controller”… Interesting, but the yellow exclamation mark was disappear in the device manager.
    But i do not recommend this notebook… it is a crap. It is “new”, but for a laptop it is small, and you cannot use as a tablet because the built in keyboard, and the ports. It is slow (in 2018), my android phone runs fluently, and it is older. I know there is a difference between android and windows… So, this is a waste of electric parts, and the designer of this laptop could have a better job.

  6. You are a total God Send. I just clean installed a Micromax Lapbook on Win 10 (Indian equivalent to the many listed products above), and I forgot to make backup of the drivers, nothing was working except the OS and the external mouse; Brightness, no audio device, no battery, etc, all of them have been fixed now.
    Only the trackpad is not working (anybody have any idea on how to go about resolving this?)

    A really, really big thanks to you my friend.

  7. i have ALLVIEW WI10N tablet and it request for a password which i dont know.. it cant boot to anything. am so sure that the password is an encryption on BIOS or BOOTLOAD
    please help

  8. You are the man!!!
    Thank you!!!
    I’ve been struggling more that a week to find the correct drivers after clean install of windows 10.
    The system is a cube iwork11 and after windows install I had no
    Touch screen
    Battery info

    With your install file everything worked like a charm.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi. I have a tablet click intel atom baytrail z3735f 1008G 32gb windows 10 bing, Display 1280×800 ips. I use this software to install lost drivers but I still not find touch screen. Please can you help me

      1. pls have you ben able to solve ur touch screen problem,if yes, pls can you help me ,cos am facing the same problem.thank you. am prince

  9. Muchas gracias. Resolví la laptop. Soy de Cuba por eso no puedo donar pero lo haría si pudiera. Salu2

  10. nice thank you very much i have Allview Wi10n with windows 10 before noting works but after your drivers everything working find and sound come back

  11. hola funciona bien todo ,,solamente que el touch esta loco hace click por donde sera no me deja calibrarlo desde el panel de control lo otro es la rotacion que esta al revez ,, lo demas si trabaja bien gracias a usted ..espero su ayuda ..el mio es una tablet altron peru atom z3735g 8 pulgadas 1 ram 16 gb interno

  12. woks fine on Thomson THBK2-10-32CTW on 32bits Windows 1809
    the 1 for power icon and 2 for the sound.
    thanks a lot.

  13. Muchas grasias funciona perfecto en tablet PC RCA W101V2 con Win10 Home x86

  14. Worked on Hannspree micro PC (aka Quanta NH1) stick PC. nothing else I tried worked without having to install other drivers that caused BSOD. YOU ARE A FLIPPING HERO

  15. Thank you so much, I was looking for this for 3 days but because of you my tablet’s touchscreen is working now
    Love from india❤️

  16. Kudos on your work.
    Question: wouldn’t it be easier to just load Clonezilla on a USB flash drive, then order one of these cheap tablets, then image the pristine os as delivered by the manufacturer? Then you could upload them to Google drive and link them from this site. Which is, by the way, what the f… Manufacturer should have done in the first place.

  17. l have Display: 10,1″ 1024×600
    CPU: Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core 1,8 GHz
    Platform: Bay Trail-T
    RAM: 1 or 2 GB
    STORAGE: 32 GB, MMC, expandable with MicroSD
    Installed OS: Windows 10 Home
    Battery: 4000 mAh

    when searching for drivers…l downloaded firmware update from Lenovo website. After the installation. The notebook cant start. when you press the power button the camera light green turn on but the screen is black nothing happens. please any help?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Did you tried to connect it to the TV with HDMI? These netbooks has the behavior to send out video signal to HDMI in some cases, if you use default settings (like when you reset the BIOS). Before you start the netbook, coonect it to TV via HDMI, and try to log in to BIOS.

  18. Works on iRULU SpiritBook S1 Large and HYUNDAI Onnyx laptops. Only thing is that I had to get the sound driver somewhere else, the ones on the second folder didn’t work. Drivers for “Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) ” and “ES8316AudCodec Device” for the Thomson NEO14-SE worked fine.

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